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Drone photography for real estate

Basically, for real estate of any kind, the first impression counts! We want your property to shine in the best light. Drone shots are ideal for this purpose. Whether aerial photos, short videos or detailed shots, we show our customers current environmental shots so that you can get the best possible impression of the property, the property and the location or environment.

For this reason, we are constantly working on keeping our marketing methods up to date and, in addition to 3D floor plans, home staging and various visualizations, we also offer our customers perfectly tailored aerial photos via drone.

Our drone photographs provide you with a comprehensive overview of the property as well as the individual location and surroundings associated with it. The aerial photos specifically show the special features of the project and provide the necessary information about the property. We combine classic real estate drone shots from a bird's eye view with dynamic flight maneuvers on the ground. Professional interior shots round off the profile of your property. State-of-the-art technologies allow us to achieve previously unimaginable things.

Drone flight - real estate

For the rental and sale of real estate, we offer services that can significantly enhance their exposé. Comprehensive aerial photos from special perspectives are more accessible than ever before through the use of drone technology. As experts in drone photography for real estate, we guarantee appealing aerial views of their property. Whether it's a residential building, a corporate complex or a public building. We create unique and individual content for your exposé.

If required, not only photos but also video sequences can be created to give your customers a vivid impression of the property. The creation of 360° panoramas also helps to get a comprehensive picture of the property and its surroundings.

Drone flight - construction supervision

Drone images are an excellent way to inspect buildings or monitor (large) construction sites. Thus, you have the construction progress regularly in view.

For existing buildings, all exterior areas can be photographed in high resolution, enabling building inspection on the computer screen. Possible damage can be analyzed and specifically repaired. There is no need to scaffold the entire building for inspection. This method is also well suited for churches and historic buildings.

But we are also available for inspection flights in the interior with our drones and inspect for you, for example, hard-to-reach places in the interior.

If you want to capture a project with high-resolution images, have a permanent visual documentation of the construction progress and create a documentation accompanying the construction, Schneifeldrohne is the right contact.

Drone flight - industrial plants

We create with our drones high quality aerial photos and aerial photographs of your company building, trading yard, handicraft business, your industrial plant or your depot. Experience your company premises or industrial facilities from a completely new bird's eye view. You can get a complete overview of your company premises or industrial facilities.

The advantage of camera drones for recording aerial images and aerial photos is their compact design. Drones can also fly and take aerial pictures where larger alternatives such as helicopters or airplanes cannot reach or are not allowed or able to fly. This is the case, for example, inside factory buildings. The use of a camera drone is much cheaper and definitely faster than the use of a helicopter.

Service package

Service overview and prices


Drones film and photo

6 aerial photos (.tiff or .jpg file)

4K video (approx. 30-minute video flight)

Deployment of the drone on site (approx. 30 minutes)

incl. travel up to 30 km *

incl. insurance and ascent permit **

Rights of use

Exclusively private useUnrestricted use in terms of time and space
no publication in web or printusable in web and print
No resaleNo resale
No sublicensingNo sub-licensing
insured flight on site incl. all permits


* each additional kilometer: 0,45 €
(the distance or route is calculated from our headquarters in 53940 Hellenthal)

** incl. ascent permit
(refers to basic permit for Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia with an ascent of up to 100 m)

insured flight on site incl. all permits


299,00 Euro

499,00 Euro