Drone recording and film production

Events and meetings

You want your event to be unforgettable? You want unrivaled advertising? Show your business partners your efficiency and bring your event across with moving emotions to be remembered or to reach even more visitors. Our possibilities are almost unlimited. We film events with our 4K UHD drone, of course. It will make the party in your backyard even more exclusive, your corporate event even more exciting. Endless possibilities, a street party, your museum or gallery event, city festivals, lake festivals, fireworks, concerts, school performances, theater performances, openings, markets or exclusive sporting events - we are the right partner for perfect drone films on a high level!

Drone flight - terrain

A drone is unbeatable for terrain shots. Perspectives that are otherwise only possible from a helicopter or airplane can now be captured from any conceivable position.

Far above the ground from a lofty height offers a completely different view or perspective on things and especially on the landscape - especially at sunrise and sunset, but also in fog or other interesting weather phenomena, we can achieve film results that are not feasible from the ground.

Drone photography allows a completely new and unusual perspective. We use this effect purposefully and are thereby ourselves enthusiastic, how the unusual point of view changes the landscape. Based in the Eifel, we have a distinctive nature.

Drone flights in the terrain present us with the task of capturing the diversity of nature in the most diverse places at the best times for the customer, while our shots with the drone appear as if from another world and ensure bright enthusiasm on all sides.

With its diverse nature and incredible treasures, our earth offers an inexhaustible source of motifs. With a drone, these can now be easily captured even in hard-to-reach corners. True to the motto "less is more", it now offers us spectacular motifs and exciting HD or 4K videos.

Let's combine spectacular drone footage of the breathtaking landscape with the local culture and people. Every region, every city, every place has its own story that we want to tell and transform into the appropriate visual language - feel it up close and present it authentically.

Drone flight - weddings

You want special pictures of your event or wedding? Aerial photos and aerial shots with a camera drone capture your wedding or event from impressive and spectacular perspectives and angles. With aerial photos you get a new fascinating view of your event or wedding, the location and its surroundings.

We are happy to be part of your unforgettable wedding memory and capture the most beautiful day in your life on aerial photos.

While your wedding photographer captures the words "I do" and the ring exchange, the champagne reception and the cutting of the cake from the ground, we take the bird's eye view.

For example, our drones will soar above the outdoor celebration area and take a photo or video of the wedding ceremony in the rose garden, on the beach, or in the orchard of a farm.

Or ask your wedding party to set up in the shape of a heart outdoors in front of a beautiful backdrop, enclosing you as the bride and groom.

Our drone cameras also precisely capture such setups as aerial shots. With this, we create fancy and exclusive wedding photos and videos for you that capture this special day for eternity.

In doing so, our camera drone captures high-resolution aerial images at 20 MP and/or aerial footage in 4K cinema quality at 30 frames per second or in Full HD at 120 frames/second for spectacular slow motion.

There are many ways to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Professionally created drone footage plays a special role in this.

As a wedding photographer, we create videos and images that not only remind you of your dream wedding, but also tell stories and make your day relive! With an individual wedding reportage we hand you a treasure of memories of a very special kind!

With the wedding reportage you can always relive your wedding in your mind and share this breathtaking day with your friends, family and acquaintances. For the wedding reportage of your wedding we accompany you photographically professional and exclusive!

Drone flight - Event

Finally you can put your event in the spotlight perfectly by aerial photography - we support you from creation and conception, through production to distribution.

Besides the wedding as a special event, we also offer aerial photography for all other events. It doesn't matter whether you are celebrating privately and want to have a group photo taken from the air with your family or whether you are combining a private and business event and want aerial photos of it. We photograph your location or your party from the air.

Likewise, we capture special moments during an event as an aerial photograph. This can be, for example, the moment of the topping-out ceremony at your house construction.

We will be happy to produce aerial photos and aerial shots of your event with our camera drone for you throughout Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Rent our camera drone incl. pilot by the hour or day to create aerial images for event photography as well as event videos.

We fly our camera drone with a permit from the relevant authorities as well as with a commercial liability insurance for drone flights.

Our drones provide high resolution aerial images and videos.

Feel free to take a look around and send us your non-binding aerial filming request.

We can resolve your event film artistically and emotionally or rather documentary and accompanying: Just as you imagine it and what fits ideally to the planned event. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on this as well as on the technical implementation and realization of your event film.

We increase the interest in your future events, both for your guests on site and for potential visitors. Use our expressive event films as perfectly staged trailers to give a preview of future events.

Service package

Service overview and prices


Drones film and photo

6 aerial photos (.tiff or .jpg file)

4K video (approx. 30-minute video flight)

Deployment of the drone on site (approx. 30 minutes)

incl. travel up to 30 km *

incl. insurance and ascent permit **

Rights of use

Exclusively private useUnrestricted use in terms of time and space
no publication in web or printusable in web and print
No resaleNo resale
No sublicensingNo sub-licensing
insured flight on site incl. all permits


* each additional kilometer: 0,45 €
(the distance or route is calculated from our headquarters in 53940 Hellenthal)

** incl. ascent permit
(refers to basic permit for Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia with an ascent of up to 100 m)

insured flight on site incl. all permits


299,00 Euro

499,00 Euro


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