FPV Cinelifter drones

Fast-paced threat videos...

A new dimension of aerial photography!

As a professional service provider, we offer you everything you need for a professional handling of special shooting with an FPV drone. Our pilots are informed about all current laws and guidelines and always act accordingly. Our fast-paced drone videos show impressive footage that is processed, optimized (stabilization, color grading) and provided in the desired formats. The integration of your corporate design, music licensing, sound design and also more elaborate reshoots complete our services.

Drone flight - Inndoor

We also specialize in precise indoor flights that ensure you the best quality footage. If you need more action, we are happy to speed up the pace and film at top speed as well. Our professional drone systems create a new, unique camera perspective that is not possible with any other camera platform.

Our drone systems for dynamic FPV aerial filming fly up to 150 km/h fast. Thanks to the removed angle limitation, loops, rolls and previously unimaginable camera movements are possible.

Drone flight - racing

Originally, the technology comes from the drone racing sport. With over 150 km/h and from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, these drones are ideally suited for high-speed use.

The technology makes it possible to perform any imaginable flight movement and fly spectacular maneuvers. Loops, screws, vertical offset.

In the field of FPV recording, we set the highest standards for quality. This is already evident in the expertise of our licensed pilots, who, with years of experience in the field and their technical know-how, are among the leading professionals in the region. In addition, we use the latest technology in the field. We use advanced camera technology that goes beyond the use of mini and action cameras to provide high quality footage.

In addition to the normal possibilities of image and sound recording, a drone can be used to conveniently fly over an area of the event, so that, for example, the leaders of a race can be followed.

Live broadcasting of the recordings on radio or television is also possible. For sporting events, the use of drones is particularly characterized by the fact that it is more cost-effective than the use of helicopters and at the same time environmentally friendly and much quieter.

Drone flight - recreational sport

You want to experience yourself from new perspectives while practicing your sport / hobby?

We catch you! From the bird's eye view, with high-resolution cameras and guaranteed smoothly! The nature of our drones and the latest camera technology allow unimagined drone shots of an unprecedented dimension. We support you in analyzing the topography of golf courses or even cross golf courses, to name just one example.

With us you get everything from one source, aerial and ground photography as well as a professional production.

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