Image and advertising films

Image film production with special perspectives from drone footage.

We are ready for established companies, SMEs, start-ups and daring individual offenders. We stage fact and fiction, tell corporate stories and create content that will touch them deeply. We work with great passion and utmost meticulousness. Maybe soon for your project, too? Image and advertising films as well as lively stories that can't be beaten for detail and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

From corporate commercials, employer branding, image films, social media videos and branded entertainment to small feature films - as different as our films and videos are, they all tell distinctive stories that are characterized by emotion and full of life.

Drone flight - between buildings

Create impressive image and advertising films of your company. Potential new customers get a first impression during their research, for example on your website, through your new flagship - your image film!

With our aerial shots, you present your company headquarters, your construction site or your production facility from the most beautiful perspective. Thanks to our drones, we can also film in hard-to-reach or dangerous places. By flying drones between buildings and facilities, we can bring to life perspectives and details that are only captured from the vantage point of our drones. Your customers will now know that they are in the right place with your company and that they are in good hands.

Drone flight - indoor

There are countless applications for drones in today's world. In addition to their outdoor use, they can also be used for indoor photography.

We are experts in the use of drones indoors and maneuver the agile flying objects precisely to the smallest angle. Whether it's offices from the inside, a bird's eye view of warehouses, or an image of the production facility for your business partners and customers - our know-how enables us to capture just about any perspective imaginable and make video recordings of your business premises, entire production processes, or your logistics. With our many years of experience, we are at your side with advice and support during the implementation and fly our drones even in the tightest spaces. The result is something to be proud of - guaranteed!

Drone flight - outdoor facilities

The possibilities available to us when you want to have an aerial photo taken of a desired object or facility are almost inexhaustible. Aerial photography by drone allows you to capture a wide variety of angles and perspectives. Make use of the versatile application potentials to unmistakably highlight the individuality of your outdoor facilities.

Whether high or low, from a distance or up close - with the flexibility of our drones we offer you all possibilities for a successful presentation.

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