Surveying and photogrammetry

Surveying for agriculture, construction and industry

Drone surveying in 3D represents a very economical method and often even the only possibility to capture objects of different sizes specifically, efficiently and quickly from the air.

This method defines new standards and covers an increasingly important part of modern surveying technology. Since the activities on site usually only take a few hours, the costs as well as the lead times are low compared to the alternatives.

Surveying - Agriculture

Drones enable agricultural businesses to remain competitive in the long term. Their great advantage lies primarily in the speed of their movement and data processing, as well as in the broad spectrum of their possible applications.

Drones can provide efficient support for the rapid and long-range recording of agricultural damage caused by severe weather or pests in forestry. Plant growth monitoring and forest inventory 4.0 are also within the realm of possibility. Furthermore, they can support forestry in the search for and monitoring of game populations and their spread.

Surveying - game damage

If the word "wild boar" is currently mentioned in the vicinity of a farmer, he will most likely get goose bumps. They are only too happy to attack the harvest - and the damage they cause is often enormous. In such cases the hunters are gladly asked for help.

To find the damage and the culprit, who usually does not come alone, is a time-consuming task. For it there is now support from above. No, not that high up. We are talking about drones.

Surveying - Construction

With our drone mapping, buildings, facades and roof surfaces can be measured. All relevant surfaces of a building can thus be recorded in order to determine, for example, various material expenditures on the basis of length and area calculations.

The goal of our three-dimensional surveys is to generate the most accurate 3D point cloud possible, which serves as a basis for our customers and offers the highest possible added value in the form of a basis for further processing.

Georeferenced maps and image data can then be exported to a suitable coordinate system in order to overlay the construction project with cadastral data, for example.

During construction planning, it may be necessary to capture 3D data for visualization purposes. Furthermore, with the repetition of drone flights, construction progress can be determined and documented in a traceable manner.

We provide a variety of individual services for engineering firms, developers and public authorities.

Surveying - Industry

For operators of industrial plants, power plants and other complex technical structures, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are crucial. At the same time, they must ensure the safe operation of their facilities and have them inspected on a regular basis. The use of drones for industrial inspections is fast, cost-effective and safe, and has the effect of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Drone flights can be used to inspect a wide variety of plants and structures from the furnace construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, waste management, energy industry and other manufacturing sectors as part of maintenance analyses.

With the so-called sector mapping, for example, high-voltage lines can be inspected for kilometers to determine possible damage.

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